Valve Game Tournaments

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Steam makes it easy and affordable to run Valve game tournaments around the world. All you need to do is read the instructions below and then apply for a licence. After we review the details of your application, we'll guide you through the simple next steps of the process including acquiring temporary Steam accounts.

Game Tournament Licenses

All tournaments where Valve games are played require you to complete and agree to the terms of our Limited Game Tournament License Agreement (Tournament Agreement). Neither the retail licenses nor the Steam Subscriber Agreement terms allow a licensee to host a tournament. The Tournament Agreement is free and grants you the license to use and display identified games (Games) in your tournament. Click here to view a complete version of the Agreement.

The Tournament Agreement grants you the right to use the Games to do the following activities:

You should consider whether you need permission from tournament participants, the tournament venue, or other third parties to exercise any of these rights.

Valve is not able to license third-party games that are released on Steam for tournaments. You will need to contact the publishers for those games for permission.

Temporary Tournament Steam Accounts

Most tournaments held around the world require their players to bring their own software and/or PCs. However, if you are providing the Games for your players or need extra copies for your event, you can request Temporary Tournament Steam Accounts. These accounts will be active for the dates of your event.

Tournament Restrictions

Any tournaments that fall outside of the above restrictions, need to contact Valve for approval.

Tournament Applications

If you are ready to register your tournament, please complete our Limited Game Tournament License Agreement Signup Form. If you agree to the terms of the Tournament Agreement, click Submit. If your tournament is approved, you will receive a confirmation email. Please allow at least five (5) business days for your event to be approved.